Warranty For Dadgis Door Viewer

Terms and Conditions

Thank you for purchasing our product.

Please read the warranty terms and conditions.


We (http://www.spycamerasg.com) are the Authorized Installers For Dadgis Electronics Pte Ltd. Dadgis Electronics Pte Ltd warrants to the purchaser that the products are free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for the period commencing upon the date of purchase and continuing for the warranty period specifies.

This Warranty is not valid unless you register online at Dadgis Electronics Pte Ltd within 7 days from date of purchase.

Warranty Will be 3 Months From The Date OF Purchase.

Dadgis Electronics Pte Ltd
10 Anson Road #18-03
Singapore 079903

Hotline: +65 - 8333 2442

What is NOT covered by warranty

This Warranty covers the product only. This does not include accessories or consumables items such as batteries, bulbs etc.

This Warranty is not valid in the following cases:

Cosmetic damage (dent, crack, scratch & etc.)
Defect is caused (howsoever) by wear and tear, accident, misuse, neglect, rough handling or abuse
Unauthorised persons carry out any alterations or repairs
Operating with incorrect or irregular voltage supply
Corrosion, rusting or stains
Damage due to exposure to moisture, dampness or extreme thermal environment conditions
If any part or parts of the unit are replaced with a part or parts not supplied or approved by us
Repair or attempted repair by any party other than an authorised technician
Where the product serial has been removed or has been tampered with
Incomplete or improper installation
Use of which is not designed
Use of faulty or leaking batteries or batteries not supplied by us
Damage due to foreign material
Improper testing, operation, maintenance, installation, adjustment or any alteration or modification of any kind